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Viet Agri Wholesale Applied Smart Farming For Vietnam Agricultural Products


Viet Agri Aholesale is one of the leading companies in agricultural production using modern methods. The company’s Vietnam agricultural products are being grown using Smart Farming methods to ensure the best product quality.

1. Applied Smart Farming method for growing Vietnam agricultural products

All the Vietnam agricultural products are grown by Smart Farming method. The term Smart Farming refers to the management of farms utilizing contemporary information and communication technology to improve product quality and quantity while minimizing the need for labor-intensive human labor.

Viet Agri Wholesale Applied Smart Farming For Vietnam Agricultural Products
Viet Agri Wholesale Applied Smart Farming For Vietnam Agricultural Products

Viet Agri Wholesale grows Vietnam agricultural products by Smart Farming methods

The following technologies are accessible to modern farmers:

  • Sensors: for managing soil, water, light, humidity, and temperature
  • Software: tailored software solutions for particular farm kinds or IoT platforms that are not application-specific
  • Connectivity: cellular wireless LoRa
  • Location: Satellite and GPS
  • Robotics: Self-driving tractors and processing plants
  • Data analytics: stand-alone analytical programs and data pipelines for following-up programs

2. What is the advantage of growing Vietnam agricultural products by this method

Viet Agri Wholesale believes that Smart Farming can improve all facets of farming, from grain production to forestry. Precision farming and farming automation are two of the key ways that Smart Farming may change Vietnam agricultural products, however, there are many more ways as well.

Smart Farming method has a lot of benefits

2.1 Precision agriculture for Vietnam agricultural products

Viet Agri Wholesale applies precise farming for its Vietnam agricultural products. Precision farming, often known as accuracy agriculture, is a strategy that improves farming’s precision and control. Simply said, plants and animals receive the precise care they require, which is decided by machines with superhuman accuracy.

  • The primary distinction between precision farming and the conventional method is that decisions may be made per square meter, or even every plant or animal, as opposed to per field. Farmers can increase the efficacy of pesticides and fertilizers or apply them selectively by carefully assessing differences within a field.
  • By using precision farming techniques, farmers can optimize their crop production and achieve better yields. For example, they can use sensors to monitor soil moisture levels and adjust irrigation accordingly, ensuring that their crops receive the right amount of water without being over or under-watered.

2.2 Farming Livestock With Precision

Similar to precision agriculture, Smart Farming methods let Viet Agri Wholesale better monitor the nutritional requirements of specific animals and modify their diets appropriately, reducing sickness and improving Vietnam agricultural products health.

  • Wireless IoT apps may be used by large farm owners to track the whereabouts, comfort, and health of their livestock. With this knowledge, they can recognize unwell animals and isolate them from the herd in order to stop the spread of disease.
  • Precision livestock can help farmers optimize their livestock production and achieve better results with fewer inputs. For example, they can use technology to monitor feed consumption and waste, allowing them to adjust their feeding programs to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

2.3 Intelligent Automation in Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses usually lose output, energy, and labor expenses while controlling the environmental parameters by manual intervention or a proportional control system.

  • Intelligent climate management and monitoring are both possible with IoT-powered smart greenhouses, negating the need for physical intervention. In accordance with the unique needs of the crop, a variety of sensors are installed to detect the environmental conditions. The data is kept on a platform that is located in the cloud for easy future processing and management.
  • Intelligent automation can help greenhouses reduce their energy and resource consumption, increasing their efficiency and reducing their costs of producing Vietnam agricultural products. For example, sensors and algorithms can be used to monitor water and nutrient usage, allowing growers to make informed decisions about irrigation and fertilization and reduce waste.

2.4 Aerial Farming Drones For Vietnam agricultural products

For purposes such as Vietnam agricultural products health evaluation, irrigation, crop monitoring, crop spraying, planting, soil and field analysis, among others, agriculture is one of the key verticals to include both ground-based and aerial drones. There is no doubt that Viet Agri Wholesale is a famous Vietnam agricultural products distributor that you can trust on.

  • Drones can be equipped with precision sprayers to target specific areas of a field with herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers, reducing the amount of inputs required and minimizing the risk of environmental damage.
  • Drones can be equipped with sensors to monitor crop growth and health, providing farmers with real-time data about crop development, water stress, and other key indicators. This information can be used to optimize crop production and improve yields.

3. Viet Agri Wholesale a good place to buy Vietnam agricultural products

Despite having many rivals, Viet Agri Wholesale continues to be the industry leader in the export of Vietnam agricultural products. Quality is the primary factor in Viet Agri Wholesale’s competitive advantage. Experts only oversee the production process. The business takes care at every stage, from selecting seeds to caring for plants to harvesting to processing and packing. There is no doubt that Viet Agri Wholesale is a famous Vietnam agricultural products distributor that you can trust on.

You should buy Vietnam agricultural products from Viet Agri Wholesale 

  • Every result is certain to match the highest international standards, satisfying even the most discerning clientele. Additionally, Viet Agri Wholesale pays close attention to the shipping procedure and makes every effort to guarantee that the items get to consumers undamaged.
  • Viet Agri Wholesale exports high-quality agricultural goods from Vietnam at a fair price such as wholesale pepper, wholesale rice, wholesale coffee and other Vietnam Agricultural products. We can say that the wholesale pepper transaction brings Viet Agri Wholesale highest profits.

Additionally, Viet Agri Wholesale pays the shipping costs for every customer, which provides them with a significant financial advantage. This brand has gained popularity among consumers as the finest option due to its mix of high quality and affordable pricing.

Viet Agri Wholesale is still regarded as the market leader for Vietnam agricultural products in this cutthroat industry. To avoid dissatisfying customers, the corporation continuously enhances both its products and services. Please dont hesitate to contact us through https://bit.ly/3HG1pH5 to place an order.

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