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Females frequently purchase hair extensions, and I’m sure that every woman is searching for and anxious to get the most visually acceptable wig she can. V Hair Vendor is born as a service to you.

1. The beginning of V Hair Vendor

V Hair Vendor is a company that manufactures and supplies wigs in Vietnam and was established in March 2010. Our director, Mr David shared that the wig industry is a potential market that is and will grow very quickly in the future at that time. After 3 years of establishment, V Hair Vendor has had 3 franchises, by 2022 the number has increased to 12 with a huge factory. We are called V Hair Vendor – The Best Vendor For  Hair Extension, that expresses how clients love our hair extension.

Mr David said that: besides having an attractive body, and a beautiful face, hair is also an important point in creating a woman’s charm. But not every woman has the kind of hair that they wish for. That’s why V Hair Vendor was founded.

2. Missions of V Hair Vendor

2.1. V Hair Vendor’s origin of hair

Ensuring the origin is also ensuring the quality of the hair. V Hair always provides clear, precise hair provided to the consumer

– Hair is imported from the mountainous areas of Vietnam, where the climate is mild and sunny, so the quality of the hair is always guaranteed.

– The women in the mountains mainly use only available natural ingredients such as locust, lemon, and lemongrass, so their hair is always smooth and without chemical ingredients.

It is an honor to make women around the world feel more confident and beautiful about their hair, which is the vision that V hair Vendor always aims for.

2.2. V Hair Vendor with affordable price

V Hair Vendor always offers a fair price for its products. In the old days, when comparing, when importing hair, consumers often compared Vietnam, China, and India, Vietnamese hair was often the most expensive. But so far that has changed due to a number of reasons:

– V Hair Vendor is the best human hair factory in Vietnam, we have our own factory, so the production cost for 1 product is much cheaper.

– Vietnam is a country with a lot of sea borders and in the central area, so the cost of transportation to other countries is cheaper than other countries.

– When buying in bulk, there are always certain incentives for shoppers. If you come back to buy and use it again, there will also be a discount on the price.

Understanding the psychology of customers, V Hair Vendor always gives people the most affordable price possible.

3. The vision of V Hair Vendor

Our hair vendor always works to inspire trust in our clients by providing high-quality hair and beauty products and intimate knowledge of the business, especially in light of the rising popularity of online shopping. We aspire to be the premier wearable hair resource on the internet with unmatched customer service.

V Hair Vendor ensures skilled and knowledgeable expert help while offering the top materials beauty and hair products available on the market for a flawless online shopping experience.

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